About Our Classes


On Saturdays only: Bert Richman Building at Gordon Head Rec Center, near Shelbourne and Feltham.

On Sundays only: Dance Victoria at 2750 Quadra Street, just north of Hillside.

On Mondays only: Norway House at 1110 Hillside Avenue, just east of Quadra.


Course descriptions

Our Swing Series takes you from absolute beginner to well-rounded swing dancer.  You’ll have a ton of fun along the way!

How they work:

  • Start at Swing 1, work your way up. 🙂
  • All of our classes are taught by two instructors, one for each role.
  • One lesson per week, each lesson is an hour and a half long.
  • No partner is necessary – it’s our job to make sure your series has a balanced role ratio.  (We tend to get pretty similar quantities of ladies and gents by default, swing dancing is equally appealing to most everybody!)
  • Please sign up in advance, so we can balance the series properly.
  • If you miss any lessons during a session, you can make them up in a later session of the same level.  You paid for a full series, so you get a full series.
  • After a series finishes, it will almost always be followed by the next level up.  (ie If Swing 1 is at 6:30pm on Sundays, it will be followed by a Swing 2 at 6:30pm on Sundays.)

Swing 1 (six lessons)

  • No experience needed – this is our beginner series, after all.
  • This is the ideal class to learn to dance with anyone and adapt to new partners with ease. Having fun on the dance floor is the name of the game. You’ll learn a wide variety of moves, techniques, and fun tricks!

Swing 2 (six lessons)

  • Prerequisite: Swing 1 or instructor permission
  • Expand your repertoire of moves and learn more advanced techniques to give you options on the dance floor.  We’ll work on Lindy Hop and Tandem Charleston.

Swing 3 (six lessons)

  • Prerequisite: Swing 2 or instructor permission
  • Add classic Lindy Hop to your swing repertoire! We’ll work on your basics, expand them with fun moves, and provide you with powerful techniques for leading and following.  This is also where you’ll learn the Shim Sham, Balboa, and more Charleston.

Swing 4 (four lessons)

  • Prerequisite: Swing 3 or instructor permission
  • From one session to the next, we alternate between a Lindy Hop series of Swing 4 and a Balboa track.
  • Special note: If you’ve done one flavour, you get to apply our repeat discount on the other one!  It’s a buy one, get one $25 off deal. 🙂
  • The Lindy Hop series supplies you with the techniques and styling to make your Lindy pop.  Footwork variations, new ways to do swingouts, musicality… a Jedi craves these things.
  • The Balboa track will really make your Bal slammin’.  You’ll get new moves, upgrades to your technique, variations, and we’ll open your eyes to entirely new vistas of Balboaland.

Swingfinity & Beyond

  • Usually a two-lesson series that follows a session of Swing 4, but other formats happen periodically too.
  • Prerequisite: Swing 4 or instructor permission
  • Swingfinity & Beyond is our continuous-learning, top-level class with a different topic every time.  The content is always different, always fun, and provides you with an avenue to take your dancing as far as you want to go.


Prices & Discounts

Credit, Debit, Cash will all play!

Class series

Swing 1

  • Base price: $105 general or $85 for a student
  • Discounts: members save $10, repeating a series saves $40

Swing 2

  • Base price: $105 general or $85 for a student
  • Discounts: members save $10, repeating a series saves $40

Swing 3

  • Base price: $105 general or $85 for a student
  • Discounts: members save $10, repeating a series saves $40

Swing 4

  • Base price: $75 general or $60 for a student
  • Discounts: members save $10, repeating saves $25

Swingfinity & Beyond

  • Base price: $45 general or $35 for a student
  • Discounts: members save $10

Dance Nights (Saturday and Monday)

  • Live band night: $14 general or $11 student, members save $1 (last Saturday and second Monday of the month, see the calendar)
  • DJed night: $9 general or $6 student, members save $1


  • Lasts for one year
  • Gives discounts on classes and dances (usually pays for itself within two months)
  • Costs $20 (if you get a membership at the same time as signing up for a class, you get the discount immediately, so it only really costs $10 more than the class)


If you’re all set to take some lessons, let us know you’re coming with our class registration page!  Otherwise, if you need more info or have any questions, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you out.  🙂

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