About Our Classes


On Saturdays only: Bert Richman Building at Gordon Head Rec Center, near Shelbourne and Feltham.

On Sundays only: Dance Victoria at 2750 Quadra Street, just north of Hillside.

On Mondays only: Norway House at 1110 Hillside Avenue, just east of Quadra.


Course descriptions

Our Swing Series takes you from absolute beginner to well-rounded swing dancer. ¬†You’ll have a ton of fun along the way!

How they work:

  • Start at Swing 1, work your way up. ūüôā
  • All of our classes¬†are taught by¬†two instructors, one for each role.
  • One lesson per week, each lesson is an hour and a half long.
  • No partner is necessary – it’s our job to make sure your series¬†has a balanced¬†role ratio. ¬†(We tend to get pretty similar quantities of ladies and gents by default, swing dancing is equally appealing to most everybody!)
  • Please sign up in advance, so we can balance the series properly.
  • If you miss any lessons during a session, you can make them up in a later session¬†of the same level. ¬†You paid for a full series, so you get a full series.
  • After a series finishes, it will almost always be followed by the next level up. ¬†(ie If Swing 1 is at 6:30pm on Sundays, it will be followed by a Swing 2 at 6:30pm on Sundays.)

Swing 1 (six lessons)

  • No experience needed – this is our beginner series, after all.
  • This¬†is the ideal class to learn to dance with anyone and adapt to new partners with ease. Having fun on the dance floor is the name of the game. You’ll learn a wide variety of moves, techniques, and fun tricks!

Swing 2 (six lessons)

  • Prerequisite: Swing 1 or instructor permission
  • Expand your repertoire of moves and learn more advanced techniques to give you options on the dance floor. ¬†We’ll work on Lindy Hop and Tandem Charleston.

Swing 3 (six lessons)

  • Prerequisite: Swing 2 or instructor permission
  • Add classic Lindy Hop to your swing repertoire! We’ll work on your basics, expand them with fun moves, and provide you with powerful techniques for leading and following. ¬†This is also where you’ll learn the Shim Sham, Balboa, and more Charleston.

Swing 4 (four lessons)

  • Prerequisite: Swing 3 or instructor permission
  • From one session to the next, we alternate between a Lindy Hop series of Swing 4 and a Balboa track.
  • Special note: If you’ve done one flavour, you get to apply our repeat discount on the other one! ¬†It’s a buy one, get one $25¬†off deal. ūüôā
  • The Lindy Hop series¬†supplies you with the techniques and styling to make your Lindy pop. ¬†Footwork variations, new ways to do swingouts, musicality… a Jedi craves these things.
  • The Balboa track will really make your Bal slammin’. ¬†You’ll get new moves, upgrades to your technique, variations, and we’ll open your eyes to entirely new vistas of Balboaland.

Swingfinity & Beyond

  • Usually a two-lesson series that follows a session of Swing 4, but other¬†formats happen periodically too.
  • Prerequisite: Swing 4 or instructor permission
  • Swingfinity & Beyond is our¬†continuous-learning, top-level class with a different topic every time. ¬†The content is always different, always fun, and provides you with an avenue to take your dancing as far as you want to go.


Prices & Discounts

Credit, Debit, Cash will all play!

Class series

Swing 1

  • Base price: $105 general or $85 for a student
  • Discounts: members save $10, repeating a series saves $40

Swing 2

  • Base price: $105 general or $85 for a student
  • Discounts: members save $10, repeating a series saves $40

Swing 3

  • Base price: $105 general or $85 for a student
  • Discounts: members save $10, repeating a series saves $40

Swing 4

  • Base price: $75 general or $60 for a student
  • Discounts: members save $10, repeating saves $25

Swingfinity & Beyond

  • Base price: $45 general or $35 for a student
  • Discounts: members save $10

Dance Nights (Saturday and Monday)

  • Live band night: $14 general or $11 student, members save $1 (last Saturday and second Monday of the month, see the calendar)
  • DJed night: $9 general or $6 student, members save $1


  • Lasts for one year
  • Gives discounts on classes and dances (usually pays for itself within two months)
  • Costs $20 (if you get a membership at the same time as signing up for a class, you get the discount immediately, so it only really costs $10 more than the class)


If you’re all set to take¬†some lessons, let us know you’re coming with¬†our class registration page! ¬†Otherwise, if you need more info or have any questions, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you out. ¬†ūüôā

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