Welcome to Red Hot Swing!

If you're looking for a good time dancing lindy hop in Victoria, BC, you've come to the right place! We've got swing classes and dances for your participatory pleasure. :)

How to Start Dancing

There are two ways to begin enjoying swing dancing:

1) The dive-right-in method.  Sign up for our fun beginner series, no partner or experience necessary!  With a lesson or two under your belt, come to our weekly Friday night dance to bust a move.

2) The test-the-waters method.  Come out to our Friday night dance to take the drop-in beginner lesson and try your new skills out right away.  Then join a beginner session to learn more fun stuff to do on the dance floor!

We'll take good care of you to make sure you have a ton of fun, whether it's your first time dancing or your five-hundredth time!

So what's your style?

Dive right in!
Dive right in!


Test the waters!
Test the waters!

You can grab us on facebook one way or another!

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